Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crubini's Gallery: Thank you Tree

Crubini's Gallery: Thank you Tree

Hello from Edmonton!

Well hello again. Here I am with my second blog post and Im blogging all the way from Edmonton. Ill be here till Sunday helping some friends work at a Dance Competition called Peak Invitational. The weather sure is alot colder than Vancouver, getting off the plane and waiting for the shuttle in -3 and then seeing snow all over the ground was not too exciting. Well I just wanted to share with you all a card I made this week for my cousin's 5th birthday. She is kinda a little princess and loves pink. I used white flat card stock for the base, layered with brown and pink bassil, then added some rectangle layers, some matching pink ribbon and gems. I punched out the 5 twice and inked both of them in brown. I inked about 95% of all the cards I make. I find it adds more to the card. I also popped up the number 5 and the rectangle with the letters with some pop-up tape to give the card some more dimension. Well I hope you like this card and I will keep the Edmonton updates coming.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My First Blog Post

Hey everybody, Thanks for checking out my Blog. This is my first ever Blog post and I hope you enjoy it. I spent the first couple of hours this morning watching some Video tutorials on Youtube on how to start a Blog. Youtube is a great source of FREE information. I then chose a theme for my blog and thought that since one of my favorite hobbies right now is Card making and Scrapbooking I would make my blog around that. I then signed up for Blogger and started the design on my blog. It was kinda confusing at first but i got the hang of it and choose a layout, colors, added some pics and now posting this. Im hoping it make a post everyday with useful tips, tricks, thoughts, images or links that you are all going to find interesting. My life is so random and unordinary that I think my post will amuse you. Well later today Im going to be heading to my workshop (aka my moms house) to create a St. Patrick's Day/30th Birthday Card for my friends birthday this weekend. In the mean time check out my website and let me know what you think of my cards so far.